Completing your Keyword Research – And Using It

When you embark upon an SEO project, the keyword research you carry out is essential. It will inform everything that you do on your website to boost your rankings, as you will know which keywords to target.

Look at the keyword volumes, but don’t just use the keywords with the highest search volumes. Remember that these are going to be very competitive, so it is perhaps better to have some more local keywords in the mix, along with others that have search volume, but aren’t already saturated with big brands targeting them.

Once you know your numbers, you can build up an SEO strategy that uses them. Decide which keywords you are going to target, and why. Then work out which pages you want to use to target them. This should always be the page most relevant to your keyword, not your homepage. Aim to give people the information they need, so that when they arrive at your website, the bounce rate isn’t high.